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Flotation Technique for Fecal Parasite Concentration Methods

This technique is predominantly used in parasitology laboratories. By exploiting the density of the parasites particularly eggs it allows the parasites to float to the top of a dense solution final specific gravity of about 1.20 and can then be skimmed from the top of the tube.

Formal Ether Sedimentation technique for the concentration of

The sedimentation procedure can also be used to process polyvinyl alcohol PVA fixed specimens. After the procedure by filing one half of a tube with the stool-PVA mixture and add 0.85% NaCl almost to the top of the tube. Then filter the mixture through wet gauze into a 15 mL centrifuge tube and follow the remaining standard procedure.

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A fecal concentration technique increases the possibility of detecting parasites when only a few are present in the feces and is a routine part of the clinical examination of feces. Two general types of methods are used – sedimentation and flotation.

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Study 38 Fecalysis flashcards from Paula L. on StudyBlue. For fragile perculate ova; used to isolate eggs of flukes acanthocephalans and some other tapeworms and nematodes whose eggs do not float readlly in common floatation solutions

Fecal flotation for detecting parasite burdens in faeces.

5 Destruction of the parasitic eggs or oocysts by the fecal float solution: Some of the solutions used in the fecal flotation process e.g. sodium nitrate and sometimes even Sheather& 39;s Sugar solution can distort or destroy the larvae eggs or oocysts in the fecal sample resulting in false negative results. Which eggs and oocysts get


4. Grabbing the top of the blue cylinder twist back and forth to agitate the fecal sample in the fecasol solution. FECAL FLOATATION INSTRUCTIONS Continued

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flotation process in fecalysis seminfotech in