At Bayside Aquatics we have many features that make our pool practical for all swimming abilities. These include:

Depth: The shallow end is a depth of 1.0 metres allowing our school age students the ability to stand, while the deep end is 1.4 metres making it effective for diving of all ages.

Steps: For entering and exiting the pool there are steps in lane 8. The shallow end has large steps for easy and safe entry, as well as for young students to sit and rest during lessons. The deep end of lane 8 has a ladder to assist on safe exits.

Toddler Ledge: Lane 1 has a ledge running the length of the lane to enable toddlers the ability to safely return to the edge and stay submerged in the water, while waiting for other students.

Change Rooms: We have male and female change rooms, along with a family change room fitted with baby change tables.

Storeroom: We have a set back and monitored storeroom that allows for storage of a range of equipment that is used for our Learn to Swim, Toddler and Squad programs. This encourages and supports our unique and varied style of teaching.