Bayside Aquatics uses the Royal Life Saving Society’s National ‘Swim and Survive’ Program. Lessons run for 30 minutes and all levels focus on stroke development, survival and water safety skills. Children progress through a range of levels as follows:

Level D1 & 01 Focus: Water familiarisation, streamlining, kicking, submerging, introductory survival and rescue skills, safe entries and exits. Class Ratio: 1:4

Level D2 & 02 Focus: Streamlining, freestyle and backstroke technique, survival backstroke, intermediate survival and rescue skills. Class Ratio: 1:5

Level D3 & 03 Focus: Correct freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique, butterfly kick, extended survival and rescue techniques. Class Ratio: 1:5

Level 4 & 5  Focus: Correct freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke, extensive survival and rescue techniques and diving. Class Ratio: 1:6

Being involved in our learn to swim program more than once a week can be beneficial to some students who are struggling with skill development or are keen to develop skills further. Please contact our office if you wish to enrol in more than one class and receive a 10% discount on the second enrolment.