Our Pre-School & Above Program is designed to develop water confidence and introduce students to the fundamentals of swimming, through water safety skills and technique development. Structured progression gives students something to strive for and a great sense of accomplishment when they graduate to the next level. Students progress through three stages (Foundation, Fundamentals and Swim Skills) with three levels in each stage. 

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Pre-School & Above



Building on their water confidence and safety skills, students are introduced to advanced supported floating, kicking, confident pool entry and elementary streamlining.


Students transition to advanced floating, kicking and streamlining as well as early drill progressions for backstroke and freestyle and elementary diving technique.

Swim Skills

Through these levels, students will begin to master advanced backstroke, freestyle, diving, streamlining, dolphin kick and foundational breaststroke.

Teen Water Confidence

We offer teen-specific classes for students who are 10-years and over and would like to learn to swim or build their confidence around water.
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