Infants & Toddlers form our Seahorse group and range in age from 6-months to 4-years-old.

Our little swimmers are gently introduced to the water through play with the support of a parent or guardian who is in the water with them for each 30-minute lesson.  

Water safety is an integral part of our Learn-to-Swim program as students learn to safely enter and exit the water, and develop their confidence to submerge and float.

BEGINNER (6 - 12 months) 

Their first experience with water should be fun and positive. We begin by developing their love of splashing, kicking and getting wet. Coaches guide students to feel safe and secure in the water with songs, games and fun. 

INTERMEDIATE (12 - 24 months) 

Students progress to being able to safely enter the water, to the open arms of their parent or guardian. They learn to control their breathing by blowing bubbles and experience submersion. Coaches begin to teach students how to move their arms and legs through water for control. 

ADVANCED (24 - 36 months) 

At this stage, children will begin to safely jump to parents in the water and exit unassisted. They will start to initiate their own submersion and float on their backs with assistance and children will begin to coordinate combined leg and arm movements to prepare them for the next program, Pre-School & Above.

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Monday - Thursday: 3.45 - 6.15pm (All LTS levels, except Infants & Toddlers)
Saturday & Sunday: 8.30 - 11.30am (all LTS levels) 
Please check with reception for availability